The Atlantic Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins on June 1st and will run until November 30th. Florida residents had been uncharacteristically lucky to go 11 years without a hurricane making landfall. The first hurricane to break the more than decade long streak came in September 2016 when Hurricane Hermine, a Category-1 Hurricane, hit land.

Earlier this month the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released their prediction for the upcoming hurricane season. With the “weak or non-existent” El Nino playing a factor, the NOAA expects an above normal Atlantic hurricane season.

Hurricane Season

Forecasters predict a 70% likelihood of 11 to 17 named storms, with a chance that 5 to 9 could become hurricanes, including 2 to 4 possible major hurricanes.

Are you prepared? Florida Window and Door has provided thousands of Florida residents with impact resistant products for their homes and their businesses. Contact us today to receive a free estimate on hurricane windows and doors.

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The Time To Prepare for Hurricanes is Now

The time to get your home protected from a hurricane is before there is a hurricane threatening. Since the year 2000, 63 tropical or subtropical cyclones have hit the state of Florida. Those cyclones have caused an estimated $100 billion in damage. It comes as no surprise that hurricane related damage remains a major concern for Florida residents who own a home or business.

Is your home of business ready for the next Hurricane?

Protecting your investment, whether it’s a home or commercial property, should be a top priority this spring. There is a lot of useful information on how to protect your property from hurricanes on the Palm Beach County Planning, Zoning and Building Department’s website.

Protecting property form hurricanes starts with identifying weaknesses in the structure and systematically strengthening them by following the existing building codes. Areas to focus on are roofs, windows & doors.

Impact windows and doors protect your property from damage caused by the high winds, rain and flooding that a hurricane can bring. If a piece of debris hits your home and breaks open a window or door during a hurricane, the high winds and pressure can literally rip your roof off. If you are ready to upgrade your home or business with impact windows and doors, contact us today. We have installation teams ready to help. You can also get a free estimate by filling out our impact window estimate request form.

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Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Florida Window and Door we pride ourselves on offering the best product, the best installation and the best customer service. Thousands of families across Florida will attest we have delivered on and often surpassed their expectations. There are, however projects that have proven difficult for a variety of reasons.

In the home improvement industry a multitude of variables can challenge a projects estimated timeline. Katherine was a customer who encountered one of these situations. After waiting for her project to start, she began to get discouraged and reached out to us in frustration. Her exact words were, “I am very frustrated. Can you help me?”

We did. Within a day of her reaching out to us, we were able to contact the appropriate parties and address the issue. Katherine was informed of the process as it unfolded. Once her new impact windows were installed she reached back out to us to let us know about her overwhelming satisfaction. Following is an excerpt from her letter to us:

“My windows have now been installed. I want to thank you for turning this negative into an amazing positive. After notifying you of my concerns, I cannot be more pleased with the outcome. My installer was Robinson. Roby went over and above my expectations. First he was three days ahead of schedule; he has endless knowledge and energy. His feet never hit the ground and installed everything in record time. He single handily addressed all challenges a remodel can bring, his knowledge is endless, not to mention he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Because of Roby and yourself I will highly recommend Florida Window and Door to everyone with confidence they will be treated with the utmost professionalism I experienced.”

We were glad to help Katherine, and glad she took some time to let us know what was happening. At Florida Window and Door, our greatest asset is a Satisfied Customer!

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What Could Happen if You Don’t Have Hurricane Doors?

With the changing weather patterns and forecasts predicting an active hurricane season, a lot of Florida homeowners are coming to the point of deciding whether or not to get a hurricane resistant door. As one of the top 2016 door trends, many families have already taken the plunge to become more hurricane-prepared and have replaced their front door with an impact door. There are still people, however, who have doubts about whether or not a hurricane door is really worth the investment. For those Florida homeowners debating about whether or not they should get a hurricane impact door, understanding the effects of a hurricane and what could happen without the proper home protection is important.

What Happens to Your Home Without Hurricane Protection?

During a hurricane, depending on the strength and category of the storm, you could have winds of over 150mph applying external pressure to your home. With that kind of force, making sure your home is protected with the right kind of materials is critical to ensure the safety of your family and your investment. When winds reach that high a speed, a regular door may struggle to hold its own, and if your door gets blown in, your home could suffer serious consequences.

With the door of your home missing, your home becomes susceptible to water damage from the accompanying rain in a hurricane. Several inches of rain could occur during a storm and times floods are also possible. Without doors, your home could suffer water damage from the water being let in. Doors also protect your family and home from flying debris during a storm. If your door gets blown in, there is more of a risk of debris entering your home and causing more damage to your property or causing injury. Another aspect that hurricane doors protect is the pressure from the storm entering the home. If your door caves in because of the immense wind and pressure from a hurricane, know that that same pressure can now go into your home and cause stress to the entire structure of your home, including your roof.

A hurricane impact door protects your home and your family from the dangerous effects of hurricanes. Florida homeowners can call Florida Window and Door or get a free estimate today to replace their door! Protect your family and your home and call us today!

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Hurricane Protection with Impact Windows from Florida Window & Door

Watch as Scott Berman, president of Florida Window and Door, discusses what impact windows can do for your home during a hurricane.

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Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Moving Your Business – South Florida Busienss Journal

The South Florida Business Journal wrote another article about Florida Window and Door. This article highlights some of the challenges we have faced while moving our headquarters. To read the article visit the following link. Avoiding the common pitfalls of moving your business

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Hurricane Forecast | What Florida Can Expect in 2016

With the official start of hurricane season having just passed us on June 1st, there is already a Tropical Depression on the horizon. Have you checked the forecast for Florida this hurricane season? Are you prepared for what is predicted to come? Make sure you are informed on the hurricane season updates and continue reading!

How Does the Forecast Look in Florida?

El Nino has affected the global weather patterns for the past several months, but is reportedly weakening significantly. With this drastic change occurring, El Nina is gaining strength and slowly dominating the global cycles. What does this mean for Florida hurricane season? Well, it turns out that El Nino was a big reason for the lack in hurricanes during the 2015 season, but as this dissipates and El Nina gains momentum, a more active hurricane season can be expected in 2016. Experts have predicted that it will be an above-normal hurricane season with 14 named storms forecasted for this year. Of those predicted named storms, eight are predicted to become hurricanes and four are predicted to become major hurricanes. Is your home prepared for this season? Are you protected and ready for this hurricane season?

Replace Your Windows and Doors Now

It is always a good idea to replace your windows and doors to impact resistant windows and hurricane doors because of the added level of protection your home will receive. Impact resistant openings protect your home even during the strong thunderstorms and severe weather that affects Florida year round. Replacing your windows and doors is an especially good idea this year with the forecast being an above average hurricane year for Florida. Call Florida Window and Door today to get a free estimate on replacing your windows and doors with impact resistant openings. The benefits are numerous and you will be able to rest easy, knowing that your home is protected with the highest quality windows and doors from Florida Window and Door.

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Window, Door Installer Moving to Lake Worth – Sun Sentinel

The Sun Sentinel just included us in a real estate piece covering Lake Worth. Visit the following link for the article. Window, door installer moving to Lake Worth

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Company Moving Headquarters to Neighborhood Undergoing Revitalization – South Florida Business Journal

South Florida Business Journal just published an article about Florida Window and Doors new company headquarters. Visit the following link for the full article. Company moving headquarters to neighborhood undergoing revitalization.

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How to Prepare for Hurricane Season | Impact Windows & Doors

There are a lot of reasons to get excited when the summer is coming, but one thing that Florida homeowners need to keep in mind is that with the summer fun also comes hurricane season. June 1st starts the official hurricane season and it lasts until November 30th; so along with all your other summer plans, make sure your home is prepared for what the weather may bring! Want to know ways to get your home prepared for hurricane season?

Protect Your Home with Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows are impact resistant windows designed to withstand hurricane force winds and depending on the grade you get different sized missiles. With shutters and plywood, you have to plan ahead of time and spend a lot of time installing and preparing your home, where as with impact resistant hurricane windows your home is ready for the weather at anytime. In addition to the glass being impact resistant, the window frame itself is reinforced to withstand the pressure that a hurricane causes. Get hurricane impact windows today to prepare your home in case of a storm!

Protect Your Home with Hurricane Impact Doors

In addition to having hurricane windows, making sure that your doors are all hurricane impact is important as well. During a hurricane, there is immense amounts of pressure from the weather system being applied to your home. With all this pressure and wind, it is important that all of the home’s openings are securely closed. If the pressure enters your home, there could be roof damage caused by wind and pressure trying to escape the home by pushing up. Having a door that can withstand hurricane force winds and debris is just as important as hurricane impact windows.

Make sure you protect your home and get prepared for this year’s hurricane season by getting hurricane impact doors and windows. For all of your window and door needs, think Florida Window and Door! Call us today for a free estimate to start protecting your home today!

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