Hurricane Shutters

Product Options

Our Hurricane shutter systems include Accordion shutters, roll down shutters, clear panel systems, and wind abatement hurricane screens.


Florida Window and Doors’ products are installed under the most stringent guidelines in the industry and to the exact specifications of each opening.


All hurricane shutter products are installed and manufactured to the most exacting standards. With an exact fit, and a quality installation the hurricane shutter will perform to the highest standards and most threatening conditions.


Florida Window and Doors products provide year round convenience and protection against hurricanes and intruders. Our shutter systems are designed to offer maximum security and storm protection at less cost then an impact window.


Our products have been custom fabricated and finished with a quality coating which is available in several attractive colors.

Building Code

Our hurricane shutters meet or exceed the standards set by the Southern Standard Building Code (SBCCI) and the Metro Dade South Florida Building Code.

Insurance Premium

All Florida Window and Door shutter systems are recognized by insurance companies as Class A protection. This protection classification entitles homeowners to a reduction of up to 40% in premium discounts.

Check with you insurance company for details.


With an exterior keyed lock or an optional interior lock and additional locking pins create a five point locking system for the highest form of security.


Installing a hurricane shutter system will be less then the cost of installing hurricane impact windows and will add value to your home or business.


Florida Window and Door offers an annual maintenance program to our customers. Please contact your local office for details and cost.