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Types of Impact Windows

Exploring the Diversity and Types of Impact Windows

Impact windows or hurricane windows have transformed how homeowners safeguard their properties in storm-prone regions. Engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, these specialized windows offer unmatched safety, security, and peace of mind. However, impact windows go beyond functionality, boasting a variety of styles to cater to diverse aesthetic preferences and architectural designs. This guide delves into the different styles of hurricane windows available today, aiding you in selecting the perfect fit for your home.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung impact windows appeal to homeowners seeking a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern functionality. Featuring two sashes, with only the bottom sash being operable, these windows provide increased security and protection against the elements. Available in various sizes and configurations, single-hung windows suit any number of architectural styles.


Double-Hung Windows

Similar to single-hung windows, double-hung windows are comprised of two sashes. However, both sashes are operable, allowing for enhanced ventilation and easier cleaning. With their timeless design and practicality, double-hung windows offer versatility, making them suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and other frequently used home areas.

A bedroom lit by a set of double-hung impact windows.

Casement Hurricane Windows

Casement windows have hinges and open outward using a crank or lever mechanism. Offering unobstructed views and excellent ventilation, these windows are ideal for areas where airflow is crucial, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Available in various configurations, including single, double, and triple units, casement impact windows offer homeowners the flexibility to customize and handpick their design according to their preferences.

A row of casement windows.

Architectural Impact Windows

Architectural windows provide an ideal solution for homeowners seeking unique shapes for their openings. These windows can be ordered in shapes like arches, circles, and trapezoids, adding visual interest to the home. Custom architectural windows offer tailored solutions for those with specific building requirements or design preferences. Crafted to exact specifications, custom impact windows provide limitless design possibilities, enhancing the beauty and functionality of any space.

A luxury home designed with architectural windows and doors.

Sliding Windows

Sliding impact windows, or gliding windows, feature one or more movable sashes that slide horizontally along tracks. These windows offer smooth operation and are perfect for areas with limited space, such as patios, balconies, and walkways. In two- and three-panel configurations, sliding hurricane windows allow homeowners to maximize views and natural light while ensuring security and durability.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open or close. Designed to frame picturesque views and allow abundant natural light, these windows are ideal for spaces with paramount aesthetics, such as living rooms and dining areas. Picture impact windows in various shapes and sizes enable homeowners to create custom configurations that complement their home’s architecture and design.

A dining room table looking out through a set of glass windows.

Impact Windows, A Worthwhile Investment

From single-hung to more custom designs, impact windows provide a myriad of styles to suit every taste and lifestyle. Whether prioritizing functionality, aesthetics, or both, there’s a perfect window for every home. By understanding the available styles and their benefits, homeowners can make informed decisions and invest in windows that enhance their property’s safety, security, and beauty for years. So, explore the options, consult professionals, and embark on the journey to upgrade your home with hurricane windows that reflect your unique style and personality.

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